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At Raj Group, we believe in giving back to the community to reciprocate for the benefits that we have accrued as an organisation.

Amongst the numerous initiatives that we have undertaken, we believe in placing a strong emphasis on contributing to the growth of the textile industry, ensuring fair trade practices, working closely on renewable and sustainable energy resources, and ensuring access to and availability of health and education services for our communities.

As the pioneer in fair trade practices in the Indian Textile Industry, we organise nationally recognised exhibitions under the title of Raj Art Initiative. We have established solar and wind power plants in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra, and we have set up a trust fund to ensure that the education and health needs of our local community are well looked after.

Furthermore, Raj Group works closely with the accredited educational institution Bal Vikas School and helps provide subsidised and quality education to the young children of the local community. In thus giving back to our community, we believe that we also contribute towards building a young and dynamic leadership base for our country’s future.



Established by Mr. Rajeshwar Nath, the founder of Raj Group, The Raj Charitable Trust educates approximately 4000 children and runs health and medical camps in the city of Panipat. The Trust runs the ‘Bal Vikas School’, a non-profit institution, that provides education to the employee’s children and job opportunities for their spouses. Recently, the company has also pledged to sponsor the complete education of one girl child from the households of impoverished families.

Bal Vikas School, Panipat

Bal Vikas School, Panipat

Bal Vikas School, Panipat


We are
Fair Trade Certified

Raj Group is Fair Trade Certified, a social movement which helps producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions to promote sustainability.

At Raj Group the minimum pay for each employee is higher than the minimum wage limit of the State.

At one of their facilities, the company has developed various programs funded by Fair Trade such as clean drinking water, medical facilities, basic hygiene and sanitation for the women in their families. There is lunch and mid-day snack program for the weavers and they can also avail a microfinance scheme at zero interest.

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Health Kit
Mid-Day Meals
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Sustainable Energy

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The company has always believed in nurturing a responsible relationship with the environment and through this contribution, we hope to influence other entrepreneurs to make India a waste and carbon free nation. As an extension of our eco-friendly philosophy, we have ventured into solar power and wind power generation ventures. In Bikaner, Rajasthan, we operate two solar power plants which feed approximately 3 MW of energy into the local grid.

Our wind power generation projects in Maharashtra generate about 2.5 MW. Additionally 5 of our factories are 70% solar powered. We run a robust water conservation project through rainwater harvesting, our ETPs, STPs, Pond Adoption and Waste Wetland projects. We use biomass to fuel our boilers and we are using PNG to power our generators.

Rajgroup kilims manufacturer & supplier Panipat India
Rajgroup kilims manufacturer & supplier Panipat India
Rajgroup kilims manufacturer & supplier Panipat India
Rajgroup kilims manufacturer & supplier Panipat India
Rajgroup kilims manufacturer & supplier Panipat India
Best Rugs & Carpet manufacturer facility India
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Rugs manufacturer

How we respond to the challenges of the future is a question for every member of our planet. Just as people are demanding action from world leaders, we as an organization face the same scrutiny, the same impatience, the same demands for accountability, and rightly so.

In the future we want, It is clear that we need to focus on realizing a sustainable century, in order to build the future that we want. And in keeping with this vision, we have envisioned a three dimensional sustainability development model that focuses on compliance, environment and social initiatives. More specifically, we have integrated goals and milestones in our system that will enable us to invest our time and resources not just towards compliance but also being responsible. Now is the time to get down to work; not only to design our future practically but with a sense of leadership. It is the only way to deliver both the future we want and the future we need.


Certified for ethical wool production and the
regeneration of used wool apparel.


Ethical, sustainable and supportive of communities
and environmental conservation.


Certified for recycled content, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions.
Committed to ethical collection and management of
ocean-bound plastic waste.


Econyl is a nylon fabric made from reclaimed
fishing nets and plastic found in the ocean. While
GRS Nylon is recycled nylon sourced from shipping yards. Both are vetted and certified by Control Union.


Chemical free, organic and certified by Control Union.


Environmentally responsible processes and sustainably sourced natural raw material.

Sustainable Fibre Program

Ethical, sustainable and supportive of communities and environmental conservation.

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